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Looking to contact a faculty member?  Email is the best way!

Claude Bailey [email protected]
Lancelot Barnes [email protected]
Davin Barrett [email protected]
Melisa Bent-Hamilton [email protected]
Judy Blair-Jackson [email protected]
Sonia Bush [email protected]
Karilee Campbell [email protected]
Meisha Chatrie [email protected]
Brenda Dawkins [email protected]
Dr. Oneil Duncan [email protected]
Marleine Gagnon [email protected]
Clayton Garwood [email protected]
Sonia Gordon [email protected]
Samit Gosh [email protected]
Janet Harris [email protected]
 Steven Hayes [email protected]
Dr. Anthony Husemann [email protected]
Tania Johnson [email protected]
Christine King [email protected]
Adolphus Laidlow [email protected]
Robert Lynch [email protected]
Dr. David Marshall [email protected]
Roy McLaughlin [email protected]
Mr. Wayne McManus [email protected]
Nokuphila Mhlanga [email protected]
Steve Morris [email protected]
Tina O’Connor [email protected]
Michelle Prendergast [email protected]
Dina Rowe [email protected]
Craig Walker [email protected]
Dorine Whittaker [email protected]
Katherine Whittaker [email protected]
Dr. S’Rah Yisrael [email protected]