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The A.S. in Business program offers job entry knowledge and skills to students interested in business careers. The following are the objectives for an Associate of Science in Business.

The student will be able to:

  • Identify different operating systems and of the software and hardware required to carry out business tasks;
  • Effectively use computers to complete tasks;
  • Demonstrate comprehension of basic principles of business and management;
  • Define and analyze the business decision making process;
  • Examine accounting concepts for basic business decision making;
  • Prepare and use financial statements; and
  • Evaluate and apply micro and macro-economic theory.

All A.S. in Business degree programs include the above objectives. Students are also able to focus on specific areas to further define their study by choosing a concentration. This degree offers concentrations in Accounting, Banking, Broadcasting Management, Finance, Hotel and Tourism Management, and Information Systems Management.

Associate Of Science Degree

Business Subject Area Credits
Area I: General Education Requirements
AP 140 Fundamentals of Speech (5)
BI 104 Biological Sciences (5)
EN 101 Use of the English Language I (5)
EN 102 Use of the English Language II (5)
MA 101 Introductory College Mathematics (5)
SO 201 Introduction to Sociology (5)
Total General Education Requirements (30)