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Satisfaction Reports

Student Satisfaction

At ICCI, we take student satisfaction very seriously. A standing agenda item for the College’s Weekly staff meetings is student satisfaction. During these meetings, staff reviews all student complaints during that week and then work to resolve those complaints within 48 hours.

Annual Student Satisfaction Survey 

Additionally, each Fall the College conducts its annual student satisfaction survey. This year the response rate was 42 percent. There were 69 responses. The College enrolled 166 students in the Fall 2015 quarter.

Click here to view the Fall 2015 Student Satisfaction Report

The College also conducts annual satisfaction surveys of Faculty. We believe that it is important to have feedback from the faculty members who are guiding our students.  The response rate was 69 percent. There were 19 responses. Twenty-eight faculty taught during the Fall 2015 Quarter.

Click here to view the annual Faculty Satisfaction Survey Fall 2015

The results of these surveys have been shared with the Board of Trustees and the College Community. ICCI is using these results to drive improvement and to inform the 2016/17 budget and Campus Effectiveness Plan.

Student Course Satisfaction

Each quarter, The College asks students to reflect on their learning experience in their classes. Students are asked to provide feedback on if the stated student learning outcomes for the course have been achieved, if they lessons were stimulating and engaging, if technology is being used in classes and, if the instructors are courteous, knowledgeable, and engaging.

The results of this important feedback are shared with the instructor during one-on-one meetings with the Dean, shared with the students in the class and reviewed by The Board of Trustees. As part of the College’s transparency practices, these results are also posted here in the Student Consumer Information section of the ICCI website.

The results of these surveys are part of the indirect measure of student learning and are used to drive improvements in the courses the next time these courses are taught.

Spring 2016 Student Course  Evaluations

AP 009 Developmental Math

AP 114 Keyboarding

EN 090 English Workshop

BE 101 Online Intro to Business

BE 104 Intro to Accounting

BE 116 Tourism Management

BE 201 Principles of Economics

BE 307 Business Finance

BE 312 Intermediate Accounting

BE 480 Gov and Not for Profit

BE SO 425 Seminar on Business and Society

BI 104 Biological Science

EN 090 English Workshop

EN 100 Introduction to College Studies

EN 101 Use of English Language

EN 102 Use of English Language 2

EN 307 West Indian Literature

GR 500 Enviornment of Business

GR 504 Management Theory and Practice

GR 515 Research Methodology

GR 518 Financial Management

HU 240 Intro to Humanities

MA 101 Introductory College Math

MA 207 Statistics

SO 302 Social Problems

SP 101 Elementary Spanish

Employer, Internship Supervisor and Graduate Satisfaction results for the current year are being compiled and will be posted soon.